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    As one of the top class paper manufacturers in the world ,Oji Paper listed on the Worlds Best 500 Enterprises. Especially in the thermal paper field , Oji Paper is the leading supplier in the world with holding 27% of the total market share. Currently, Oji Paper owns 3 thermal paper mills inside japan, as well as other 2 mills in the USA and Europe.

    Thermal paper is widely used for medical chart, ATM, Cash Register, Fax, Label & etc .china is seen as a most promising growth market in the future, as its rapidly developing in information technology. The demand of the Paper for It products in China is said to be increased dramatically.

    In order to meet the growing needs for the thermal paper in China Paper market, Oji Paper established the Thermal Paper Converting mill, Oji Specialty Paper (Shanghai) Co,Ltd., in Shanghai on July 17th, 2001. it is A whole subsidiary of Oji paper,which starts its formal operation from January 1st, 2002. Oji Specialty Paper (shanghai)Co. Ltd. is handling varies of communication papers form printing,converting, packing and sales. All the Thermal Base paper and other kinds of communication papers are imported from Oji Paper Japan. Using the most advanced paper manufacturing technology, Oji Paper is going to set up a complete operation Systern in China in the neat future, from forest plantation,pulp,paper manufacturing, coating to converting, as Well as sales. Oji Paper is trying hard to keep robust growth in the future. At the same time, Oji Paper is Willing to make a contribution to promote the development of Thermal paper technology in China, as well as Satisfying the needs of the Chinese thermal paper market.

Description Type of Paper Property & Application
Cash Registers Paper Normal Paper Non-thermal paper base. e suitable for Inkjet Printing.
Regular Thermal Paper Printing image can be preserved in shore period
Be suitable for general cash registers.
High Preserved Thermal Paper Printing image can be preserved in long period.(Valid in 10 years.)
Be suitable for Receipt.
Price Label Sticker Regular Thermal Paper Be suitable for Price Label Sticker.
Fax Regular Thermal Paper Printing image can be preserved in short period.
Paper For Medical Cardiographs High Preserved Thermal Paper Printing image can be preserved in long period.(valid in 5 years)
Paper For ATM High Preserved Thermal Paper Prints can be preserved in long period.(valid 10 years)
Paper for Tickets Tickets/Thermal Paper Be suitable for all kinds of tickets.
Communication Paper Communication Paper Special Communication Paper
Inkjet Paper Color Inkjet Paper Colorful & vivid image; Glossy Type & Matted Type;
Be suitable for Poster and all kinds of advertisement used material.

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